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Robot Rage is falling in pieces

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  • Robot Rage is falling in pieces

    I just remember that there was still a game like this and went to game page to see how the game is going.

    I need a few retries before I can get the game fully loaded, then played a few battles and won, but there's a problem. We ain't getting any money for it..  

    So, I wonder if this game is going to be anything in the future if it keeps having problems with this.
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    Yeah, I've not played for a good while. I got server errors immediately after winning, effectively cancelling the wins.

    ... along with the lack of opponents and game diversity.

    The new RR has been made so sterile - so devoid of allowing any personal expression in-game - that there is no community. Nothing to build with. This is clear to see.

    They took away all the features that made the original Robot Rage great, and left us with a different game that no-one asked for, despite having been given an avalanche of enthusiasm and suggestions from users. Other than a 2nd map (the Foundry), not one suggestion that anyone has made has been listened to or implemented.

    I seriously question its prospects for the future.


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      they really just need to bring the old robot rage back! i don't care what mc thinks is 'cool' or good anymore because its not. they need to stop doing what they want and listen to what we want. The old robot rage was the best game that ever came on the internet and they took it off.


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        It would be nice if they added any new feature... Id like to continue playing the game but still no new features... They just dont want me to play it lol
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          After the disaster that was their last update drove away most of the regular paying customers I suspect they've probably abandoned this game. It could've gone somewhere great, but they blew it so monumentally.

          I wish I knew how to program, I'd show these mofos how to make a good game with longevity.
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            I suggest you check out Destructo Bots!


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              I have not one a single match... I hate this game lol.  I was excited and pleased to see a new Robot Rage game only to be disappointed.
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                Originally posted by Spike16:72072
                I have not one a single match... I hate this game lol. I was excited and pleased to see a new Robot Rage game only to be disappointed.
                It was great with anticipation about 6 months ago, and even when first released for about a month, until Miniclip tried to "improve" it.

                Claw has an alternate site with a good game if you check his posts.

                Check out my page linked above and challenge my scores.


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                  Yea I was looking into that but I couldn't seem to get it to work. Looks really good tho. Im trying to figure it out.
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