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Whats the best setup to start out with

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  • Whats the best setup to start out with

    Can anyone tell me what the best setup is for the starter bot/ what to get please I want to build up and get the bite then quasar but I need help for what i should get on my start bot

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    Hard to offer advice as the game isn't that great for starting out, or for carving out much of a strategy. It's long and arduous.

    However as a starter bot, using the default Crash chassis, you're looking primarily to make money to buy a different, better chassis. Reason being, you cannot swap weapons between different types of chassis' (Crash, Bite, Bolt, etc.), so do not spend any gold on Crash or weapons for it - no matter how much you upgrade Crash, it will still always be a poorer chassis compared to the others: slowish, low armour, average turning ability, average traction, etc., so buying the best weapons for it would be putting lipstick on a pig.

    So, using Crash merely as a disposable starter bot to make money and earn gold for use on another robot, I'd say:

    Buy Double Sledgehammer or Chainsaw for Front weapon. Don't waste time/money on the Claw, it's useless on a starter bot.
    Use Missiles for Turret weapon. Or Chaingun.
    Spikes for Rear weapon (as well as doing damage, it recoils, which is useful for pushing bots off the arena behind you).
    Upgrade the chassis and the weapons as much as you can without spending any gold (as mentioned, save your precious gold for a different chassis and its respective weapons).

    Then go fight - a lot - and earn some money.

    Then experiment with the other weapons to see what they would be like if you were to buy them on the other better chassis', but don't spend gold on them on Crash.

    That would be my starter bot, prior to kitting out another robot.

    I would also strongly advise against going to the Foundry arena with a Crash bot. Mostly large, fully upgraded, experienced robots play there, and you will lose money hand over fist.