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    What formation do you guys use, which one works the best for you?

    I use the one that costs 250 cash, the Target one because i thought it was good, but it doesnt seem all that good now. Has anyone used Hardline, Pentagon or vendetta? they seem decent.

    From now ill try to post pictures of all the formations in game and how they look. Im doing this because the images given in-game can be pretty misleading..If any of you have some that are missing please post.

    2-0-2 (Diamond - FREE):

    2-1-1 (Eagle - FREE):

    1-1-2 (Edge - DONT KNOW):

    2-2-0 (Lifeline - 6000 COINS):

    2-1-2 (The Web - 20,000 COINS):

    1-3-1 (Domino - 20,000 COINS -confirmation please):

    1-2-1 (Arrow - 30,000 COINS):

    1-3-1 (Thunder - 50,000 COINS):

    0-2-2 (Vendetta - 100 CASH):

    0-3-1 (Target - 250 CASH):

    2-3-0 (Pentagon - 300 CASH):

    4-0-0 (Hardline - 400 CASH):

    Im in the process of collecting pictures, any help would be appreciated.

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    2-1-1 works pretty good for me .. but i must say a good player can play with any formation .


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      I use 2-1-1 I win most of the games with it

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        Eagle: 1-1-2


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          2-1-1 suits the best for my strategy and I doubt any other formation would do better
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            Originally posted by -Kilkiju-:102267
            2-1-1 suits the best for my strategy and I doubt any other formation would do better
            This is correct for me too. 1st free formation is useless.


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              2-1-1 for me


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                I also using 2-1-1,clearly the best one from the free formations.

                I played with a guy today who was using 2-1-2 and lost both games easily,seems worth-to-buy.


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                  Yeah I just bought the 2-1-2 formation, it is very good. Haven't lost a game yet with it, the defence is very tight together. I wonder if the last one for 400 cash is any good?


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                    Originally posted by M4 IV:102633
                    I wonder if the last one for 400 cash is any good?
                    For me 2-3-0(300 cash) seems the best,i'll buy it when(and if) collect them cause i stupidly bought a suprise pack for 80 cash  :roll:

                    A general question now:
                    Most of my defeats are a result of bad breaking against 2-1-1 formation.
                    I usually aim straight up at the opponent's first puck but i'm not getting same good result every time.

                    How do you guys break up against 2-1-1 when using the same formation?


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                      I may get the 300 cash one and let you guys know how it is if you want. I have some spare cash. I bought the 400 cash one and it isnt that great tbh, the 250 cash one I use more regularly seems to work well, but it could be I havent played with it enough to develop tactics.

                      How it looks:

                      Against the 2-1-1 formation, I usually just build my defence first or ill try and get the ball near the corner of his side. Usually works for me.


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                        Dont know is this right thread to post funny defense tactic.

                        I had 4 players on opponents side of the pitch (missed 3 semi open shoots ) when i made mistake and my opponent place ball in the position you can see in the pic.

                        Instead of blocking the ball i tried to block my opponent, some luck was there but i wanted to try something new (and i was leading 1-0). Obviously there is at least one direct solution for my opponent and few indirect but he got confused and like in chess after 2-3 moves i score 2nd goal for the win.


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                          2-1-1 In starting while kicking off i score goals. But it's foul.