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  • Free Coins for Reward Videos

    Hi Everybody.

    I was just wondering about Free Coins for watching Reward Videos.

    I noticed that usually there is a reward for watching of videos is 15 coins, however, if user has more coins accumulated, then coins for Reward Videos do increase to 75 coins per video, then 150  coins and if user has 500,000+ coins for watching of the video user receives 500 coins, which is a nice rewards.

    I was wondering: are Free Coins for watching of Reward Videos are going to be even more if user has more coins accumulated? If so, what are the amount of coins (brackets) user should have and what user will get then for watching of the reward video?

    I'm sure there are users which have 1m, 1.5m, 2m coins and more, are the video reward coins more than 500 coins per video?

    Thank you