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    I think I know how award was released but I am still not sure

    When a game is playable on another site and not MC I tend to play it there. *Especially if it is a cached game.

    If it is cached, then when MC released game I usually transfer my cache to the MC folder. *Sometimes I have to rename it so that it matches MC's name. *

    I did this with Bimmin 2 as I had accumulated a ton of fruit and achievements and did not want to do it all over again. *Since there is a prompt to give the award on Kongregat for doing the tutorial it seems that transferring it may be what prompted me to get it here. *Or I just got lucky as it was activated for a time then de-activated.

    Either way all the hubbub has gotten it removed from my page so I am just like the rest of you now


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      This game is now generally released, and as Bimmin 1 is directly linked that means that is also generally released by default.

      Check out my page linked above and challenge my scores.