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  • Forum Rules - PLEASE READ

    Welcome to the unofficial Miniclip Fan Forums!

    Iím Tetsumonchi, one of the administrators here, and I would like to first of all thank you for taking the time to read these rules! As Ií'm sure youíll agree after youí've finished reading them, our rules are more or less common sense and are designed to ensure that we can all chat and discuss games and other things in a fun and safe environment. Please keep them in mind whenever you submit a message on our forum and if you have any questions regarding the rules you are always welcome to PM me at any time.

    -General Rules-

    ► No adult material.

    Images, links to websites, and other content of an adult nature is absolutely forbidden. The unofficial Miniclip Fan Forums are for all ages. Help us to keep the forums safe for viewing by not adding such content to your posts. The staff have the final say on what is deemed appropriate or not. Please help us in this area by using your common sense. Also, do not put anything offensive in your profile.

    ► No swearing or cussing.

    We do not wish to see any profanity at all so please keep it off the forums. A filter has been set up which removes profanity from your posts entirely. In other words, where the profanity was there will only be a hyphen after you submit the message. Using asterisks, symbols and other spellings of profanities will be deemed as an attempt to dodge the filter and depending on the severity of the offense may illicit a harder reprimand.

    ► Cheaters are not allowed on the forums.

    This board is a great place to gain valuable tips and knowledge on how to better your scores, but we do not condone nor support cheaters. Those who cheat in games are not welcome here. Cheating includes but is not limited to using hacking programs to get higher scores and/or awards, self-voting, and self-viewing. Cheaters will always be permanently banned from the forum.

    ► Do not be rude to other users or staff.

    We are all old enough and mature enough that we should be able to get along without fighting one another. Do not flame, troll, or deliberately try to start an argument with any user or staff member. Attacking a website owned or operated by any staff member here is also considered attacking staff and is a punishable offense. If you disagree with a decision by a staff member or are unhappy with their general conduct, please contact myself or another administrator.

    ► One username/account per person.

    There is no good reason why anyone should have more than one account. Alternate accounts are almost always used to troll, flame or annoy other users so please register one account and one account only. Should you for whatever reason wish to register a new account you may contact a member of staff and they will ban your old account for you, however please note that we grant name changes so perhaps you would prefer that to starting over from scratch? If you have a relative on the forum who's using the same computer as you, please tell us in advance so we don't think it's an alt account. We do not grant ban requests for users who are leaving - temporarily or permanently. If you no longer wish to visit, log off and delete your cookies.

    ► Do not share you account.

    Your account belongs to you and you are the only person who's permitted to use it. Do not allow anyone else access to your account under any circumstances, and never pass on your account to someone once you're finished with it.

    ► Do not ask/discuss illegal downloads.

    No discussions of illegal filesharing are allowed. Illegal filesharing, as the name implies, is illegal. Discussion about legal uses of BitTorrent are okay, but discussion of using it to download movies, music, games, or other copyrighted media is not allowed.

    ► Do not post for banned users.

    Banned users are not welcome on this forum and current members are asked not to post for them. If you know someone who is banned and they ask you to pass on a message for them, please refuse. Bans are completely confidential between the staff team and the user who has been banned. Members of staff are not obliged to, and will not, answer any questions relating to a member's ban.

    The staff and ultimately the administrators have the final say regarding all matters concerning the rules and moderation. For the well-being of the forum and our members we reserve the right to make decisions on matters that are not addressed in the rules, whatever they might be, if we feel this is absolutely necessary and beneficial.

    By participating on the unofficial Miniclip Fan Forums you agree to the rules and conditions listed above. Failure to comply with the rules will result in your account being banned.
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