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  • Yesss

    Hey, just joined the forum. Thanks to tetsu for verifying my account, since I wasn't able to

    It was sad to see the original forums go away, but at least it's back, even if it's not the official one. Looking forward to posting a bit

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    Interesting name choice. Is this not Tetsu's test account?

    Looks like you waited almost one month to get in.


    • #3
      Ha. I wish I was the almighty tetsu.

      But yeah, i kept getting weird verification emails that had no verification link, so I had to wait until someone could manually verify the account, hence it took me a while to get in.


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        Welcome aboard!

        Glad you could make it; it’s always nice to see a new face. Sorry for keeping you waiting.

        For forum support, drop me a PM, visitor message or post in my NSPM thread..

        You can add me on Facebook as well


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          Your name is junk? Ok... I'll bye that. Welcome aboard my friend.


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            Hello Junk,

            Welcome to the forum!

            Glad you are looking forward to posting!

            You can ask me whatever you want,

            for the posts or for anything else.


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              Hi junk. I wanted to post something terribly witty about your name but my medication wore off.

              sounds like you’ve been here before - do you want to say who you were, do you want us to try guess, or do you just want to start fresh / in witness protection programme?

              Or maybe you found somewhere better to play while you were waiting?

              We’ll always have Berlin...