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    Hi everyone,

    From 23/04/2019 unregistered guest users will be unable to view the majority of content on the Miniclip Forum; namely forum posts.

    While the first post of every thread will remain visible to them, every other post within the thread will be blurred out and the guest will see a message encouraging them to register an account in order to unlock the thread and view the content.
    Log out to see it for yourself.

    I had been mulling this idea for a while and it was also suggested by a handful of members.

    The ultimate goal of just about every community is to grow membership and while many visitors are only looking for one or two pieces of information, many more return day after day... without ever registering. The intention is drive up registrations by incentivizing membership in order to find what they're looking for.

    I did some research on this before coming to a decision and there are pro's and con's to it, however I think our NEED for a steady stream of new members far outweighs any other considerations. Will it reduce our footprint on Google? Yes, although the Old Forum didn't appear on Google at all. Will it do the reverse of what's intended and put people OFF registering? Some perhaps, but I think most, it they see an active, friendly community, interesting topics and know the information they're looking for is in here, won't mind taking two minutes to sign up an account ir order to gain access to it or participate. I'm also looking into letting people register with their social media accounts, so two minutes will become literally two clicks.

    I am hopeful that this will be a positive step that will bring many new faces to our community.



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    Job well done Tetsumonchi . Can I give little suggestion too? Can you blur our home page too ? That way they cannot read what we have written.


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      Hello guest users!


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        Nice one Tetsu, really happy to see that you're still putting so much effort into this special place!
        Every day above ground is a good day.


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          Well, I for one, think it is a great move to blur out the

          forum to all those who can't bother to log in,if they are members, or register

          and join.

          It costs nothing and if you are so interested in reading the threads......

          join or log in.


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            If I was still an Eastender I'd say it was an effin 'orrible idea mate... although now I think about it, us Essex Girls are just as crude as any eastender so I'd say the same anyway LOL