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"Flag reports"

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  • "Flag reports"

    Hi Miniclip Masters,

    You will have noticed a new section called "flag reports" in your notifications today.

    I am making some changes to the Miniclip Master group to give you greater powers to help shape the areas of the site you frequent most or are most
    knowledgeable about.

    There is still some work to be done and the flag reports should be gone once I am finished. It is nothing to be concerned about and not a bug with the site.

    If anyone is experiencing any other problems related to these changes (hopefully there should be none) then contact me. Otherwise, please wait a day or two for me to complete this work; the flag reports will be gone and you will have some useful new abilities.

    Please note I am not giving anyone mod powers (i.e. banning/infractions/viewing IPs or emails etc etc).

    I will post a full announcement shortly.

    To get in touch, drop me a Private Message or Visitor Message.
    You can add me on Facebook as well