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MyFreeForum Crowd Funding [appeal was successful and is now closed]

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  • MyFreeForum Crowd Funding [appeal was successful and is now closed]

    The crowdfunding appeal was successful and MyFanForums will be online for many years to come.
    The crowdfunding page is no longer accepting donations.


    Hi all,

    I have just donated £50 to the MyFanForum crowdfunding appeal, which is aiming to raise the £10,000 that is required to keep the MyFanForum service running. Further to that, in the near future, although MyFanForum is doing database exports in exchange for a token donation, my intention is still to pay the original asking price of £60 as I don't want to feel like we're profiting off their bad fortune - even if must submit the bulk of that £60 myself.

    While we are still moving to vBulletin regardless, I feel MyFanForum has been an excellent host for our community over the past 5 years; reliable, customizable and one of the very, very few services that actually allow its customers to download the database, should they wish to move on. My donation is in appreciation to them, and in the hopes that other communities are able to benefit in the future as we have!

    If you can spare even a small amount, please do donate to this cause.

    For forum support, drop me a PM, visitor message or post in my NSPM thread..
    You can add me on Facebook as well