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The old free forum is no more

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  • The old free forum is no more

    Hi folks,

    I noticed today that our former home on MyFanForums is no longer online, having been pruned for inactivity - much sooner than I had anticipated, too. I can't even log in via the master admin password, meaning its definitely well and truly gone.

    Not gonna lie.. even though these forums are infinitely superior, I'm still sort of sad to see it go, because it was home for so long. So yeah, just thought I'd let you know. I hope everyone managed to save all their PMs, unlike me. Since I could bypass the closed page, I figured I could save them any time over the next few months/year - woops! Oh well, I know there can't have been anything important, as I can't actually remember the content of a single PM.


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    Well, that era then reached its final end. Thanks mffs...


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      yeah, it has been shut down for some time. I went there 1/2 weeks ago and the page didn't load, but never thought that was the reason. RIP but anyway this forum is much better and everything from there is here so... no prob for me. Sorry tetsu :O
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