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  • Bots, Spam, Software Updates & more

    Hi folks,

    First of all, I'd like to convey my sincere apologies to all who visited within the past day or two and were subjected to some very unpleasant content that had been spammed across our forums by bots - and more so for taking so long to remove it.

    Unfortunately, for various reasons, our administration team has become largely inactive and even I've been struggling recently to find the time I'd like to dedicate to the forums - which means there can be whole days with little to no staff presence. With bots rampant and offensive spam appearing on our screens, I realize this is not an acceptable situation and I'll be looking to address the staffing problem rapidly - expect to hear more about this very, very soon.

    As for the bots, this has, of course, been going on for some time and I absolutely share in your irritation. The long and short of it, however, is that we cannot stop them without updating to vBulletin 5. While our forum has features "intended" to keep bots out, vBulletin 4.2.5, which we currently use, is now 6 years old and in that time bots have advanced to the point where they can now get around our security features. Although I knew we'd need to update at some point, I'd hoped to postpone it for at least a year so as not to disrupt the community again so soon after our long and drawn out transfer to vBulletin throughout May and June. However, given the nature of the spam recently, and the fact that we cannot safeguard ourself against MORE of it, updating is now a priority and we'll be doing so just after the New Year. Dalton will brief you on this shortly.

    On a more general note, our forum's been a bit dead lately, hasn't it? Hardly very festive so soon before Christmas. I hope everyone likes my Christmas decorating on the forums? I've still got some Christmas smileys that I'll add tonight. Over the next three weeks, lets see if we can't liven things up around here for Christmas and New Year! Christmas avatars are mandatory and cheesy done-a-million-times-before Christmas threads are greatly encouraged.

    Member of the Year 2017 will also be starting soon - the 23rd to be precise - so give some thought to those members (up to 5) who you'd like to nominate.

    Best regards and happy gaming,
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